Coffee with EUMR

"Piggybacking on existing research infrastructure to increase accessibility to the deep sea"  by Prof. Ralf Bachmayer and Pablo Gutiérrez from the University of Bremen and  "Acoustic-Visual Enhanced SLAM (AVE-SLAM) and Extrinsic Calibration for Underwater Inspection" by Shida Xu from Heriot-Watt University.

"Preparing AUVs for operations in extreme environments: development of a multi-platform obstacle avoidance framework" by Dr. Francesco Fanelli and "An overview of the Oceanids C2" by Alvaro Lorenzo-Lopez, both from the National Oceanography Centre (NOC).

"Allowing untrained scientists to safely pilot ROV's: Early collision detection and avoidance using omnidirectional vision"  by Eduardo Ochoa and the second talk titled "Extrinsic visual-inertial calibration for motion distortion correction of underwater 3D scans" will be given by Miguel Castillón, both from the University of Girona.

"Advanced Mapping of Complex Marine Structures" by Dr. Chris McGonigle from Ulster University and "Inverse Kinematics Approach to Underwater Vehicle Manipulator Systems" by Philippe C. Santos from University of Limerick.

"Advancing diver-robot interaction capabilities" by Igor Kvasić, FER and "Cooperative geolocalization and CNN-based Automatic Target Recognition for underwater autonomy" by Matteo Bresciani and Leonardo Zacchini from the ISME nodes of Pisa and Florence respectively.

"Risk management and supervisory risk control of AUVs for Arctic operations" by Jens Einar Bremnes from NTNU, "Adaptive power allocation in multi-user acoustic channels" by Dr. Antony Pottier from NATO STO CMRE and "Channel State Information acquisition in bidirectional underwater acoustic communication systems" by Dr Beatrice Tomasi from Higher Institute for Electronics and Digital Training (ISEN)

"Cooperative distributed estimation and control of multiple autonomous vehicles for range-based underwater target localization and pursuit" by Nguyen Tuan Hung from IST-ID and "Simulation-based semi-empirical comparative study of underwater vehicle platform with fixed and vectored thruster configurations" by Dr. Santhakumar Mohan from IIT Palakkad

SWAMP Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) by Angelo Odetti, Massimo Caccia and Marco Bibuli from CNR-INM.

"Neural representations and generative models for sonar data" by Dr. Nils Bore from the Swedish Maritime Robotics Centre (SMaRC), KTH Royal Institute of Technology and "Optimizing autonomous underwater vehicle routes with the aid of high resolution ocean models" by Miguel Aguiar from KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

A Mediterranean eddy characterization using Glider and altimetry data” by Dr. Luísa Lamas from the Hydrographic Institute and “Identification of the dynamics of biofouled underwater gliders”  by  Dr. Enrico Anderlini from the University College London