Sixth Coffee with EUMR

Risk management and supervisory risk control of AUVs for Arctic operations

Jens Einar Bremnes


There has been an increasing interest in conducting scientific research in Arctic and Antarctic areas. Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) are efficient sensor-carrying platforms for data gathering under sea ice. However, there are many operational challenges associated with this: unstructured environments, remoteness, cold, inaccessibility due to ice covers, and degraded performance of navigation sensors. How can the vehicle and the human operators deal with these challenges? In this EUMR coffee, Jens will present his ongoing research on risk aspects and risk control for Arctic operations of autonomous vehicles under sea-ice.

Adaptive power allocation in multi-user acoustic channels

Dr. Antony Pottier


The experiments led at the LOON will be described along with the channel sounding method employed to extract channel impulse responses from the recorded data. These responses will used to study the performance of adaptive power allocation in a 2 user interference channel under different channel state information assumptions.

Channel State Information acquisition in bidirectional underwater acoustic communication systems

Dr. Beatrice Tomasi


The presentation will briefly cover the experiments that collected 137 GB of acoustic recordings, measuring the quality of channel state information (CSI) at transmitter in bidirectional underwater acoustic communication systems. We focus on CSI reciprocity, coherence time, coherence bandwidth and we compare two CSI acquisition strategies. Preliminary results suggest that using outdated transmit CSI is better than using recent receive CSI.