Fifth "Coffee with EUMR" webinar

The EUMarineRobots (EUMR) project is glad to announce the fifth “Coffee with EUMR” webinar on Friday, April 9, 2021 at 10:00 CET. This webinar will be hosted by the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST-ID), University of Lisbon and will consist of a short talk by IST-ID and a short invited talk by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Palakkad.

Fourth "Coffee with EUMR" webinar

The EUMarineRobots (EUMR) project is glad to announce the fourth “Coffee with EUMR” webinar next Monday, March 22, 2021 at 11:00 CET. This webinar will be hosted by the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) Institute of Marine Engineering (INM) and will consist of a short talk by CNR-INM.

Third "Coffee with EUMR" webinar

The EUMarineRobots (EUMR) project is glad to announce the third “Coffee with EUMR” webinar this Friday, March 12, 2021 at 14:30 CET. This webinar will be hosted by the AIR Centre and will consist of two short talks invited by the coordinator University of Porto in collaboration with the Swedish Maritime Robotics Centre (SMaRC).

EUMR Newsletter: October-December 2020

Read all about the latest activities carried out by the EUMarineRobots project partners here. The newsletter includes actitives that took place in the final months of 2020 (October-December 2020).

Second "Coffee with EUMR" webinar

The EUMarineRobots (EUMR) project is glad to announce the second “Coffee with EUMR” webinar on Wednesday, 24 February 2021 at 11 AM CET. The second webinar will be hosted by PLOCAN and will consist of two short talks by invited PLOCAN collaborators.

'Coffee with EUMR' Webinar Series

The EUMarineRobots (EUMR) project is glad to announce the series of webinars “Coffee with EUMR” starting in February! These webinars will present the best of the research performed within the scope of EUMR and related initiatives.

The Third TNA Call in Numbers

During the 4 months the 3rd TNA call remained open the EUMR consortium received 11 TNA submissions - all of these submissions were eligible. All of the applications attained a positive evaluation by the User Selection Panel (USP), with a mean rank of 7.98/10.

SUMMER@LSTS 2020 – Introduction to Marine Robotics with applications to ocean observation, underwater archeology and ecosystems mapping

The summer course on Marine Robotics is funded by the Portuguese Foundation of Science and Technology (FCT) and organized by the Laboratório de Sistemas e Tecnologia Subaquática (LSTS) from the University of Porto and the AIR Centre. in cooperation with the H2020 EU Marine Robots Project, coordinated by LSTS.


Fifteen research initiation scholarships were awarded to students to participate in the summer school "Introduction to Robotics for applications in Ocean Observation, Archaeology and Ecosystem Mapping", promoted by LSTS - Underwater Systems and Technology Laboratory, at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

BTS 2020 at the European Commission website

The European Comission has recently promted the 12th Breaking the Surface that will take place once more at Biograd na Moru, Croatia from September 27th to October 4th.

Newsletters one and two available

If you wish to know further details about the activities developed under the EUMarineRobots projects the newsletter from the first and second years of the project are now available.

EUMarineRobots infrastructures at EurOcean database

EUMarineRobots consortium's assets and infrastructures now available on EurOcean database.

Extended deadline for the 3rd TNA call

Deadline extended to June 30th.

3rd TNA Call deadline extended

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we decided to extend the 3rd TNA Call deadline until the end of May.

From Toulon to Girona

From the 2nd to the 6th of March, the facilities of the CIRS have been the stage for team of researchers and students of the Université de Toulon to carry out test and to collect real data regarding the dynamic behavior of SPARUS AUV. This date will be then compared with the data from the simulator they are developing in order to improve their predictions.

3rd TNA call open

The 3rd TNA call is now open. Apply to EUMarineRobots' infrastructures until April 15th.

The Second TNA Call in numbers

During the 3.5 months the 2nd TNA call remained open the EUMR consortium received 31 TNA submissions - all of these submissions were eligible. All of the applicat

TNA Experiment on ISME infrastructures - Underwater robot FeelHippo exploring the sea in search of carbon dioxide

The automaton, developed in 2013 by the University of Florence, was used in a study conducted by an Italian-German team, part of the European project EUMarineRobots and aims to estimate the amount of CO2 present in the sea.


A team from LSTS-FEUP has participated in the 2019 edition of the Breaking the Surface, the 11th International Interdisciplinary Field Workshop of Marine Robotics and Applications.

Extended deadline for the second TNA call

The deadline for the open call has been extended to August 15, 2019. Don´t miss the opportunity to access to EUMarineRobots' infrastructures.

III RICH Symposium, European Research Infrastructures

Members of EUMR were present at the III RICH Symposium in Brussels, to ascertain the next challenges/opportunities for Horizon Europe, regarding networked autonomous systems. The event also served for a synchronization with the EUMR's Project Officer regarding the planning of its Mid-Term Review. Finally, the event served as an announcement of the final themes of Horizon 2020 calls.

EUMR General Assembly and EMRA19

On the 14th of May the EUMR partners convened in a general assembly to track the overall progress of all workpackages and discuss possible upcoming updates to TNA efforts. This general assembly was held within the context of EUMR's strong participation in the EMRA19 workshop, as a core organizing member.

Second TNA Call is now open

The second TNA call is now open. Access to EUMarineRobots' infrastructures is once again open to all who want to expand the use of marine robotics.

Investigating unknown shipwrecks

Last January, a team of researchers led by Dr Gerard Dooly from the University of Limerick (UL), have investigated a series of unknown shipwrecks off the west coast of Ireland.

The First TNA Call in numbers

During the 4 months the TNA call remained open the EUMR consortium logged 38 individual downloads of the Applicant Package, from the official EUMR website.

First TNA Call closed

The first TNA call is now closed with positive numbers to show.

Extended deadline for open call

The deadline for the open call has been extended to January 14, 2019.

AUV 2018

Today, there is an ongoing pressing need for a sustained, persistent, and affordable presence in the oceans that will help us to understand and monitor how key issues such as climate change, ocean acidification, unsustainable fishing, pollution, waste, loss of habitats and biodi

Our Atlantic Ocean for Growth and Well-Being, Cabo Verde

At the invitation of the Sigi Gruber (Head of Marine Resources Unit, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission) EUMR will be part of a roundtable discussion panel to address the topic of "Innovation in the Blue Economy


António Sérgio Ferreira, Senior Researcher at the LSTS (UPorto), used the invitation at BTS2018 to make a final info-day regarding the opening of the 1st Calls for TNA project submission with the talk entitled "EUMarineRobots: The “Oprah” of Marine Robotics"

Access to EUMarineRobots' infrastructures is now open!

It's finally here!

EUMR project dissemination at IROS 2018

This year, The International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) will take place in Madrid, Spain, from 1st to 5th of October. ISME. UPORTO and UdG, members of the EUMR consortium, will participate in this event, where they will disseminate project activities and TNA calls.

EUMR Project presentation at Oceans In Action Workshop

LSTS's (UPorto) Senior Researcher António Sérgio Ferreira was invited by the The Marine Technology Society, after their meeting at the B2B event held by Fórum Oceano, to present EUMR project at the Oceans In Action Workshop.

Prof. João Sousa invited to The Belem All-Atlantic Research Forum

Prof. João Sousa was invited by Sigi Gruber, Head of Marine Resources Unit, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission, to participate on The Belem All-Atlantic Research Forum, which will be hosted in Salvador, Brazil, from July 23-24, 2018.

EMRA 2018 Live Streaming

The EMRA’18 workshop will have a live streaming link!  This workshop will offer the latest research achievements and industrial applications in marine robotics technology. Its main objective is to bring leading researchers, industry stakeholders, end users and policy makers to discuss the important topic of marine robotics and associated technologies.

Project Presentation on The 3rd High Level Industry-Science-Government Dialogue: Implementing The Atlantic International Research Centre (Air Centre)

This meeting is part of a series of events held in a number of cities, mobilizing governments, researchers and entrepreneurs worldwide, towards the development of a new science and technology agenda for an integrative approach to the Atlantic.

2018 EuroGEOSS Request launched on 16 April

From 16 April until 30 June 2018, public or private organizations involved in developing innovative applications based on Earth Observations (EO) and located in European GEO member countries are invited to come forward with voluntary Expressions of Intent for networking along the value chain.

EUMR Project Presentation at EMRA'18

EUMR will be present in this event, with the following presentation: “EUMR Project: Key marine robotics research infrastructures for starting communities”.

First public appearance of EUMR at Oceanology International 2018

EUMR’s participation on Oceanology International 2018 was a success! This was the project first public appearance and we had the chance to announce our planned activities, with special focus on public calls for researchers and industry to access EUMR infrastructures, training, education, and data that will be opened during the projects lifecycle.

Participation on Missão Empresarial do BlueTech Cluster de San Diego, Estados Unidos da América, “The Maritime Alliance”

LSTS was present at the Missão Empresarial do BlueTech Cluster de San Diego, Estados Unidos da América, “The Maritime Alliance”, a B2B meeting held by Fórum Oceano in Lisbon.

Project Presentation at European Robotics Forum, 2018

The European Robotics Forum (ERF2018), the most influential meeting of the robotics community in Europe, will be held in Tampere, Finland, on 13-15 March 2018. EUMarine Robots project is going to be presented by its coordinator Prof. João Borges de Sousa, on 15th March, in a session organized by Prof. Gianluca Antonelli, also a member of the consortium.

Participation on Oceanology International, 2018

We invite you to visit our booth (M150) and learn more about how EUMR will help other institutions and companies to gain and access a sustained, persistent, and affordable presence in the oceans.

Kick Off Meeting

The EUMR kick-off meeting of the project was successfully completed in Porto, Portugal on the 1st and 2nd of March, 2015.