Web Interfaces and Tools

The EUMarineRobots consortium provides access to a set of marine robotics tools and datasets, besides the access to the research infrastructures. These tools and datasets are available to all the marine-robotics community, not only the end-users who apply for TNA.

Data Management Plan

Data Management Plan 

Data Server

All datasets produced during the EUMarineRobots project should be made available by each partner (in the SeaDataNet format when possible) on EUMR Data Repository 

e-Infrastructure Pilot


LSTS Toolchain:

Ripples (cloud framework for situation awareness and data dissemination)





OceanRINGS ROV control simulators: Please contact info@eumarinerobots.eu

Seabed tripod sonar with pan & tilt in seabed observatory:

  • Experiment on the Galway observatory (w/ Smartbay):Video        
  • User/web UI available during TNA activities



Database Access (datasets of use to the community environmental data):



High bandwidth real­time access to infrastructure deployed from research vessel offshore (RV Celtic Explorer and others):