NPPALC - Novel Path Planning Algorithms for AUVs with Localization Constraints

Access/Technology provider: UPORTO (UPorto-Local installation)

End User: Texas A&M University, U.S.A. [Academia | Industry]

End User feedback: “We have learnt from this process and we would recommend the TNA experience to colleagues since it is difficult to get this data otherwise."

Dates: 26-30 April 2021 & 4 November 2021

Goal: Develop novel algorithms required to deploy AUV networks with resource and localization constraints. More specifically tractable approximation and exact algorithms for beacon placement and path planning of AUVs.

The integration of the end-user's algorithms on UPORTO’s LAUVs required a joint effort and several technical meetings. The main achievement was the integration efforts to convert the output of the end-users’ algorithms to the format of a survey for the field trials with UPORTO’s vehicles. This process was automatized during the preparation phase for the trials. Data was also successfully collected with one mapping AUV to aid in the improvement of the developed algorithms.


Collected data is still being analyzed. The obtained results and conclusions of this work will be presented in a peer-reviewed conference once concluded.