Multi-user surface LBL network (MUPOS)

Access/Technology provider: University of Zagreb (UNIZG), aPad ASVs

End User: Newscatle University (UK)

Dates: 1st – 4th October 2019

GOAL: The TNA will provide an experimental validation and demonstration of low cost, miniature acoustic transceivers providing a flexible multi-user positioning framework to support AUV and diver operations.

By integrating University of Newcastle manufactured acoustic transceivers with UNIZG’s H2Omni-X vehicles, an innovative, self-deploying positioning network will be created from which any number of subsea assets are able to estimate their position. The key objectives are:

  1.  To validate the concept of a multi-user positioning network deployed by the H2Omni-X vehicles.
  2.  To quantify the accuracy of position information by comparison with ground truth from surface GPS to produce publishable results and to enable algorithm refinement.
  3. To perform an effective demonstration as part of the Breaking the Surface 2019 interdisciplinary field workshop of maritime robotics and applications, Croatia.

Feedback from University of Newcastle: The EUMR project enabled us to access 4 autonomous surface vehicles and work closely with the UNIZG team to integrate our technology. Hence we were able to quickly and effectively field test an underwater acoustic positioning concept with great success. As a team specialising in signal processing rather than robotic platforms, this would otherwise have been a much more difficult experiment for us to carry out.