Technology provider: ISME

End User: Jacobs University

Dates: 5-9 and 26-30 October, 2020

GOAL: Localization Approaches for Underwater Autonomy

In October, 2020 the SEALab, the joint laboratory of the Naval Support and Experimentation Centre (CSSN) and ISME hosted the test TNA LAUA, whose PI was Prof. Francesco Maurelli from the Jacobs University Bremen, in the framework of the H2020 European EUMarineRobots project.

In this occasion, thanks to the collaboration among the ISME nodes of University of Pisa and University of Florence and the participation of the Centre, various tests took place focused on collaboration, data sharing and command and control platforms for heterogeneous underwater vehicles.

The activity is a double success considering the limitation due to COVID-19: the access to the sea has been granted remotely to researchers in Bremen by the ISME team.