Integrated Software for Underwater Vehicle Interoperability

Technology provider: UPORTO (PT)

End User: Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (ES)

Dates: 01-05 July 2019

GOAL: Benchmarking, in an operational setting, the use of teams of autonomous underwater vehicles to improve the oceanographic data collection while reducing the logistical overhead for the human element.

The first UPORTO TNA weektook place at UPORTO’s Local Testbed (APDL harbour) from 1st to 5thJuly .The aim of the project ISUVI(Polytechnic University of Cartagena) was vehicle interoperability between different manufacturer systems, with variable payload setups. The main objective of the week was the integration of an IVER2 within the LSTS Toolchain and to operate it with a LAUV, using the same tools (Neptus command and control software). Achievements of the TNA access are: telemetry data from IVER being received on Neptus console in real-time, safety commands were implemented and successfully tested through the toolchain, handling and operation of 2 LAUVs and 1 IVER by a single operator, using a single Neptus console, iridium module successfully integrated for IVER using the LSTS Toolchain