The Third TNA Call in Numbers

During the 4 months the 3rd TNA call remained open the EUMR consortium received 11 TNA submissions - all of these submissions were eligible. All of the applications attained a positive evaluation by the User Selection Panel (USP), with a mean rank of 7.98/10.

Submission by Continent
Figure 1 Call 3 TNA submission distribution by continent.


Submissions by Area
Figure 2 Call 3 TNA submission distribution by domain area.


As can be seen in Figure 1 and Figure 2, although the majority of proposals came from Academia there was still a significant participation of the Industry (totaling 18.2% of registered submissions). The majority of the applications were European.

Submission Aproval Distribuition
Figure 3 Call 3 total rate of approved and rejected proposals.


From the 11 submissions we registered a 100% approval rating, seen in Figure 3, totaling 11 proposals to be executed during the 1-year period from August 2020 to July 2021.